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The Legend Lives On......


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Was out at NPD with Ferg today to gather bait for the weekend tagging program.

Got a couple of fish on lures on the way down the dam to pout our pots along the back of the island so we could collect shrimp for day two of the tagging.

After we had deployed the pots, we took out 20 odd shrimp just for a quick fish on the wood pile. Quickly exhausted those on rat bass to 35cm, hit on every drop.

Tried ice jigs, no good, tried blades, no good, then I spotted it. My go to lure to annoy Ferg.


Years ago when we first started lure fishing together, when ever we were having a tough day on the lures, I would drag out a black G Vibe,  and always get a nice fish on it to Ferg's disgust!

Anyway, there it was, a black G Vibe lurking in the bottom of the lure box. I took it out and waved it under Ferg's nose, he went pale, as he new he was about to witness the power of the G Vibe yet again!


And sure enough, second jig and bang! My first ever Yella in North Pine of a lure!


The legend of the black G Vibe lives on!




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