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Quick Trip To The Tweed


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Decided at the last minute to do a dusk trip down to the break wall at the mouth of the tweed river. Loaded up some bait, rods, 1 x @ellicat and headed off about 3pm. Stopped off for fish n chips at chinderah.


got there right on low tide about 430pm and there wasn't a lot of action. We chipped away and caught 2 nice dart including a stonker at 43cm and a couple of decent bream before the rays and shovelnose moved in. Put a bend in the rods and pulled some string so was good fun. I hooked something serious that peeled a heap of line under heavy drag, was a weird fight, unfortunately I never saw the fish, it ran me around the end of the breakwall and the line touched a rock... Game over. Suspect it was a big ray as it was really hugging the bttom but I guess it could have been a jew... I prefer to believe it was a ray though!


it started to get crowded about 9pm so we packed up and headed back home.image.jpg


cheers for reading.


benno <'><

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I think there was a team of shovellies in to dig out a some new jew holes, that's why there were so many about.
Shame Benno lost the biggun' to the rock snippers. Quietly happy he lost it in case it was an edible specimen for the esky (which I would have had to help carry back all that way to the car) !

A good arvo/evening with a romantic Chinderah Seafood dinner under the new awning.

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