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Buying Second Hand Boat


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Hi everyone new to the forum and after a little bit of info,I'm looking at buying myself another boat,I'm mainly into freshwater fishing but been fishing the bays a little more since our rivers have been affected by black water once again killing all our fish,I plan on venturing out into the bays and a little off shore as well .

I've been looking at a number of boats,I've come to the decision it will definitely be a 4 stroke,the hull is the issue I have,I'm after something that can handle a bit of rough water but has reasonable stability too,boat will be between 5.4mtr and 5.9 I have limited space.

boats I am looking at are streaker 5.45,savage surveyor 5.5,Haines 580 breeze,generation 3 eclipse,does anyone have information on the generation 3 I can't find much on it seems to be a great value for $ vessel but I'm not sure if they have any issues or handle well,any information experience etc on these boats would be greatly appreciated,thanks very much Tarry

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