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Boat Advice - Offshore.


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recently been looking at buying a boat and am really getting confused as on what would be a good purchase, on one hand i can see a variety of good boats for around $14000, and on the other hand i can see ones for $35000, would a boat like this be good enough to take offshore say 50k's out: https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/yagoona/motorboats-powerboats/haines-hunter-490sr-mercury-115hp-outboard/1138101698

or would i need to buy something more along the lines of these 2 to be safe: http://www.boatsales.com.au/boats-for-sale/private/used/SSE-AD-4514322/2006-Bar-Crusher-530C?cr=10&psq=((Make%3D[Bar Crusher]%26(((SiloType%3DDealer used boats|SiloType%3DDealer new boats)|SiloType%3DPrivate used boats)|SiloType%3DDemo and near new boats))%26Service%3DBoatsales)&pso=0&pss=Premium

http://www.boatsales.com.au/boats-for-sale/private/used/SSE-AD-4483595/2000-Savage-565-LANCER-SP-CUDDY?cr=0&psq=(((Make%3DSavage%26Model%3D[565 LANCER SP CUDDY])%26(((SiloType%3DDealer used boats|SiloType%3DDealer new boats)|SiloType%3DPrivate used boats)|SiloType%3DDemo and near new boats))%26Service%3DBoatsales)&pso=0&pss=Premium

ive been out in my friends haines hunter signature plenty of times offshore and im sure it is only a 5.25-5.5m hull so its a bit contradicting reading lots of people saying 6m hull minimum.

what are the basic guidelines of a good offshore rig. ive been trying to do my research on google but with so many mixed opinions im a bit stumped, honestly id rather spend the 14k mark and pickup something a little older but looked after even if it is only 5.25m hull as long as it will do the job .. i dont see why it wouldnt right ?  surely it should do the job when the 530c bar crusher is a 5.30 hull and from what ive read there great for offshore so whats stopping the haines ? ... AAAARRRGGH CONFUSED !


id really like to take a look at the haines hunter 490 because its a good price for a well looked after boat which is well equipped for fishing, mainly be trying to get into micro-jigging rat kings inshore 30-40m, and hopefully a fair bit of light geared offshore jigging, maybe also some live baiting for snapper.

thanks for the help guys.

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All of those boats will get you off shore but just like you can't get a car that will do everything well it's the same with boats. The smaller the boat the greater the restriction the weather becomes. I had a 650 Sea Legend and when you are 50 ks out and the weather turns bad the boat can feel very small indeed.  A lot of factors apart from size make good off shore boat such as weight, bow rake and V angle.  A good off shore boat that will handle rough water will be heavy with a. 22 degree or more Dead rise, the trade off is you will burn fuel compared to a light flat bottomed boat.  Best advice I could give is take your time do your research and make an informed choice.



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Of the three links you've posted, the Haines is sold, which says a lot. When it comes to ocean boats, weight is more of a consideration than length. I would strongly recommend a fibreglass, due to the ride and durability. I may be biased as I own a Haines, but they have a proven reputation as being very capable.

50ks out is a fair way, and considering you have to come back, plus run around out there. Look at the engine(s), size of the fuel tank(s), range they get, and fuel consumption. Bigger boats will get you out there in a bit more comfort, but are you okay with burning 200-300L(maybe more) of fuel a day?

There is a hell of a lot to consider when it comes to an offshore boat, such as decent sounders and safety equipment. I personally wouldn't be buying a boat and heading this far offshore until I had some experience out there. Another good reason to find some people already doing this style of fishing, tag along and do some hours out there. That is before taking the plunge.

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