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Prfma Survey Npd Day 1.


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Every year the PRFMA conducts a 2 day fishing survey in the Lake Sampsonvale  Water Sports Assn area of North Pine dam.
This event is a fantastic opportunity to fish virgin waters where the fish only see a bait or lure once a year and every year sees some excellent catches.
This year we were fortunate to have Dave Roberts Senior Scientist Efficiency from Seq Water in attendance after a absence of a couple of years.
A percentage of the fish caught are tagged and weighed plus the length of all fish caught is recorded and this information is used by Dave for various studies on  the health of the dam and fish population.
I launched at 6.30 am and only traveled a short distance form the ramp and found a school of bass in about 25 feet of water.
Rick, Graham and Mark all fished whilst I recorded the tag data and weighed fish. It took 45 minutes before we ran out of our allocation of 50 tags and I was finally able to get a line in the water,
We knocked off at 10am when we ran out of live shrimp with a tally of around 160 bass and a couple of yellas.
Back Again tomorrow.
PS permits for NPD will be available for purchase from 15 th August, Have a good look at the PRFMA website for a lot of info and maps showing fishing hotspots in the dam,
Here is link for permit purchase

DSCN1204 (640x480).jpg

DSCN1206 (640x480).jpg

DSCN1208 (640x480).jpg

DSCN1210 (640x480).jpg

DSCN1213 (640x480).jpg

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Had a late start (0930) and off the water by 0300 pm.

Fairly slow with 12 bass tagged. Fish were hard to find and the odd school located didn't like jigs.

Bit slow going without a decky to help with recording the details.

Hopefully they're more active tomorrow.


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