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Now How Are We Supposed To Rag The Poms?

Drop Bear

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Nothing new in the world of cricket boys, only these silly buggers actually admitted to hatching a plan over a cup of tea and a corned meat sandwich and got caught doing it, just as well there are no cameras at grade cricket in the suburbs on weekends , no one would be allowed to play anymore, don't forget when Cooley was the poms bowling coach in an earlier ashes series in England and the ball was hooping around at right angles, something to do with mint lollies I believe, people that live in glass houses should not throw stones, hard to feel any empathy for them though, if you believe what the media reports, they gave it plenty of thought before they decided to do it, obviously don't understand the process of " if I do this what could be the consequence "anyway it will all blow over in time and we can all get back to reality, at least Steve and co will have plenty of time for fishing in the next 12 months, not this weekend though, probably a bit wet.

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