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pe rated rod 2-4


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G’day guys, 

I have a quick question that I can’t wrap my head around… and was hoping you guys could help! 
I’ve recently swapped over to daiwa rods and noticed that some of them have a “pe line rating” instead of a straight out KG/lb rod rating like i’m used to… I sorta understand the PE system but I’m just curious how it works when different brands of braid have different PE ratings especially when it comes to a PE rated rod…
For example I bought a saltist hyper light  rock special which has PE line rating 2-4 so how do I work out the true KG this rod can handle if say J BRAID x8 PE 3 is 30LB but a SALTIGA DURSASENSOR pe 3 is 49lb.. 
It’s difficult when the rod doesn’t give the exact KG/lb and because PE ratings are different I’m not too sure on what’s the highest KG I could use!! 
any help would be appreciated
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I was trying to explain this to a mate today…he is only 40 so was screwed trying to go between pounds and KG then he was “WTF is this PE?”  I just laughed and said it was something to even more complicate Rod ratings are a funny thing…I have an 8-14lb Edge spin rod which is quite capable of taking on impoundment barra and an 8kg Shimano spin which is no where near capable of doing the same job.

I have no idea - I look more at what weight they cast these days to work out whether it suits me.


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The difference is PE ratings are just for braid, never for mono.

A 2-4 might be around 40lb at the highest rating at say 20kg, but you only want to use half that fir the drag.

So a PE 2-4 should be perfect fir 40lb standard braid and 10kg of drag.

I've got one as my arapaima lure rig, I run PE3 59kg braid and only about 7kg of drag to be on the safe side.

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