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land based fishing at tweed/coolangatta


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Guys, the Tweed looks so nice that I am surprised it is difficult to catch fish there. I ran into a British couple there and they asked me where to fish as they cant catch anything and I said sorry I cant catch anything either. I have fished the Tweed river mouth from the north breakwall to Jack Evans boat harbour and its difficult to fish there, the current belts through and doesnt seem to stop on the turn of the tide either. If you get to the bottom the current is likely to snag you or small fish will steal your bait. I have fished Terranora Creek for hardly a bite and caught only small fellas near the Kennedy Drive boat ramp. My only luck has been fishing into the open ocean. Can you guys suggest any spots to try?

On my last trip to this area I accidentally caught a yellowtail (baitfish) while bottom fishing so I sent it back out as a live bait and it was bitten clean in half by something prowling the waters (I suspect it was a large tailor). In March I will be back there again and I want to try again but how can I increase my chances of catching yellowtail (baitfish)? Are there any spots I can hunt for baitfish?

Any fishing recommendations would be greatly appreciated.



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fish on sunrise or dusk around the end of the rock walls (either side of the river) and spin with 40g - 60g metal lures on 15-20lb line.  i like the halco twisties as they have a bit more of an erratic action but any of them will work.  good chance of picking up tailor and trevally.  get yourself onto the lowest safe rock you can and cast towards areas of whitewater or where there is a clear deeper section.  let the lure sink down a good way and start an erratic retrieve slow/fast wind, stop, crank etc.  hopefully you'll pick something up - just remember to keep an eye on the surf/swell.

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So back in the day I used to fish land based under Boyd's Bay Bridge (on the southside). Bream / Flathead / Trevally and Tailor (during winter)

Caveat being we only fished at night and with live or freshly caught dead bait (herring). Never fished there during the day and never had much success with frozen bait around there.

Collecting baits was a bit of a mission as you can't use cast nets in NSW. So on our way down we would collect bait from some of the Gold Coast canals in preparation for a nights fishing.

Current can get strong there so targeting turn of the tide and slowly floating / drifting lightly weighted baits with the current is key. Keep your bait looking natural and moving and not anchored to down with a heavy sinker.

We were cheapskates back in the day as students, but if it was worth a drive from Brisbane and worth the fishing permit that should tell you there is fish there.

That spot under the bridge we have had some awesome trevally sessions. Where you hear them bust up, throw out a popper and hold on.

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This worked about 40 years ago:

Pump some squirt worms and fish them at night on a fine gauge size 6 long shank, in dark and quiet areas of the river, cast just a few metres from shore. Huge whiting cruise the shallows at night, but they spook easy. If no squirt worms use pea sized soldier crabs.

Day time, jig live herring at Boyds bay bridge on the ebb tide, and walk them along the rock wall with the current on a long leader = catch flathead. 

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Lots of spots on the Tweed to land based fish.

Letitia Spit at fingal. Lots of different options.

Behind the hospital can be good for tailor,trevs and flatties.

Boyds bay bridge.

The rock wall along Chinderah all the way through to fingal boat ramp.

Just a start but look and you'll find some good spots.


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