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G'Day All


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Been lurking for a while so i figured i should say G'day.

Back in Bris after a stint inland and getting back into some fishing and crabbing. Based around Boondall so ive been hitting Nundah creek and Shultz/Nudgee Beach a bit with moderate success. A few keeper Bream and some big ole cattys. Most success on bait (chicken gut) so far, the toadies smash gulps in 2 retrieves and no luck on HB's or other SP's.

I'm a wetback and grew up with drifting for flattys around Rye and chasing Murray Cod or Reddys near Barmah and Picnic Point. Spent a while on Thursday Island running The Grand and doing some real fishing. I loved it the ex missus didn't. The new one is fishing friendly :)

I teach high school, mostly IT, some English and History/Social Sciences. Great job, good holidays and can be on the water by 4 most afternoons.

Non fishing hobbies include camping/4wd to ummm good fishing spots. I kitesurf when its to windy to fish. Ohh and i brew beer and spirits.

Im always happy to throwin for fuel and bait, hoist anchors etc if you have a seat spare. Likewise i'm keen as to get some good oil on fishing SP's and HB's land based.

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A Lurker no-more, Welcome aboard!

You sound like you'll fit right in with the crew.

As a northside boy myself we may bump into each other either out fishing the creeks or at a tackle store (my second home:laugh: ).

Perhaps you can take a leaf out of the Kiwi books and combine your kitesurfing and fishing with some kite-fishing...strange but true I'm told.


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