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Forward Controls


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Buddy of mine has a mako craft 400HD with a 30hp suzy.

he asked for any recommendations anybody has of people who fit forward controls? he just want a small side console (basicaly just steering and throttle.. nothing else mounted on it to save space) and has no idea who to talk to about getting it done.

We did some research and found all the parts ect to do it ourselves and we could do it.. he is a sheetmetal worker so could weld/cut everything and iam an electronics tech so i could wire any electrics. but he wants to put it in to be done while hes working (works outta town) so that its rdy when he gets back.

any recommendations? or know of anywhere at all that does this?

also i understand some ppl may say "cost is not worth it ect" but money is not an issue, but having said that hes not wanting to pay a couple of grand if the job is only worth a few hundred.

edit; main reason for doing this is after working 3 weeks non stop coming home and operating the tiller drives him nuts.. the motor is light and easy to move but he just cant seem to sit himself comfortably.

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A quick look through the Bias catalogue revels -

side console for about $300,

Std push pull steering will probably go about $300-350,

controls, if the motor will take standard fittings, probably around $300 for controls and cables.

If he has to buy the fittings for the motor to take the control cables who knows?

SO probably getting close to a $1000 in parts, then add on labour.

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there is a fantastic fold away style side consol available id highly recomend it in a small tinny for added room when parked

northside marine sell push pull steering kits cheaplly better than bias :dry: even these come with mostly everything youll need for steering except steering wheeel but aree limited to a 12ft cable i cant remeber how dear or cheap this kit was but i stuck one in my boat and it works just fine



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if we cannot find someone to do this we may just doit ourselves.

what are peoples thoughts on the safe-t qc rotary kits from bcf?

also if the cable length is too long can this cable simply be looped and clamped out of the way? say a 1.5ft diameter loop just clamped along the wall out of the way.. not multiple small loops just looped once.

will this resctrict steering movement? wont work at all?

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Most important thing is have you checked what you have to do the the motor itself.

You may have to lift the powerhead and install a different base plate that will accept the steering and throttle and gearshift cables.

Give michael at Coorparoo Marine a ring he has my old non feedback steering kit there. I think that the cable is around 2.9m long. It is as new only been used about 3 hours and I am certain he will give it to you at the right price.

Good luck. Personally I would be looking at modifying the seating position rather than the motor.



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