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Amart Allsports Fishing Bargains!


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Just dropped into Amart Allsports at Virginia.

They have a section of the fishing department at 50% of marked prices (including some already reduced items!)

If you are in the area go and have a chat with Robin (fishiing specialist) and pick up some bargains.

50% off included a great range of RMG and Halco lures, gamakatsu and mustaad hooks, various brands and odd sizes of braid and dozens of other items.

Having worked there (some time ago now), I can tell you that these items are genuine bargains, not just stuff bought in and sold at discount off overblown retail prices.

I picked up 2 spools of 4lb Platypus Superbraid at $15.00 ea (was $49.99 back when I worked there, then marked down to $30 and now $15!)

Also got some Halco laser pro 45s for $4.99 ea, normally $10.00.

I hope that these specials are avail in other stores to, but I know for sure that Virginia has some great buys while the stock lasts :)


ps I have no current affilliation with Amart ;)

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wesfish wrote:

ipswich has 40% off platypus lines, slams 4.99 a pack and great new ones not hard or discoloured scent. 25% all shimano combos. just got 3 packs of slam 7"jerk shads bargain :laugh:

Yeh Wes, they are the advertised specials for this month.

Looks like the Virginia manager has decided to cull some old stock at 50% off and in so doing made at least one shopper happy :P


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Just to let you all know -

There is still plenty more bargins on hand at Amart Alsports Virginia.

When ya walk out with a receipt as tall as ya self & the discount shows more than you spent, That gotta be a reason to smile. :P

BTW I am 6'1" - so I got my share of goodies, :woohoo:

Photos below show some of the gear at 50% - Managers approval for photos.

Enjoy :cheer:




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