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2010 State Of Origin Fishing Competition - New Sponsor!


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** This thread discusses the content article: 2010 State Of Origin Fishing Competition - New Sponsor! **

The team at Brisbane Fishing Online would like to announce another new sponsor that has come onboard for the 2010 State Of Origin Fishing Competition: Two Bent Rods! Many of the Brisbane Fishing Online community know Two Bent Rods for their fantastic work running kids fishing clinics. In fact many members have children who have actually participated in these, whether they are at a private event or the Brisbane Tinnie And Tackle Show.

Two Bent Rods also manufacture and distribute their own range of “blade†style lures. Many of these lures, courtesy of Two Bent Rods have now found there way into the prize packs for the 2010 State of Origin fishing competition! These will be evenly distributed among all 4 categories serving as part of the 2nd Place prize pool.

Thanks again to Samantha and Jeremy from Two Bent Rods for this support! We look forward to seeing you at the event! For more information about Two Bent Rods, their available products and of course their kids fishing clinics, please visit: www.2bentrods.com.au


The Team

Brisbane Fishing Online

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