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NPD 21/2/11


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Originally went there to help with fingerling release that was supposed to start at 6.30 am.

I waited till 6.15 and thought that people should be here by now and as it was such a beautiful day said buggerit I am going fishing.


Saw a flying tandanus in amongst the clouds that was rather high.B)


Baited up my pots not really expecting too much due to the reduced number of pots.

Went and soaked a bait for an hour or so and caught some tailer bait.


Only got one tilapia as it was near impossible to get the bait past the gar.


Checked my pots and the redclaw were really thick This pot had 83 in it and they were sitting on top of the pot and falling out the inlets as I pulled it up.



Tried for some bass on bait near a drop off but nix.

Did the pots again and headed off home.

The water temp is getting really high so I reckon judging by previous years it will be a waste of time leaving pots in shallow water overnight as the redclaw will die.


Got back to the ramp to find out that that only 2 volunteers turned up for the fingerling release so I feel a little guilty.



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I must have arrived there soon after Ray left to enjoy the great conditions.

Had Monday off work and intended to put the boat in but woke up feeling ill so just came down for the fingerling release. Noel & co arrived soon after and said the fingerlings would arrive around 0700. They went back to the gate to wait for them and I waited by doing some casting from the ramp.

Fingerlings arrived around 0700, were released and we were out of there by 0800.

I'm boarding a couple dozen of them for display on the open day Sunday.

Sounds like Ray had a great day. 83 in one pot !!!!

Will be nice when the bass get back on the chew.


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