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Tweed River


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Gday Steve

It's name is Clyde. 33' long 14'beam,18 Tonne,Mountain Ash and Perkins Diesal.

Built in Nowra NSW 1946 as a Tuna boat for 20 years.

Then a Crayfish Boat in Tassie.

Then bought by my mate and his Dad who had it at Manly for a couple of years and is now on the Tweed.


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I think I saw this boat in an old disney cartoon.


haha first time I saw it I thought Popeye

The cover over the top is finished and it's had another complete paint job hull and all and there is now 5 bunks under.

Beautiful old rig

It has been a lot of work for the boy's since they got it I've spent a couple of weekends working on it but it's not like work it's a pleasure and we have spent more time out enjoying than working. Well I have anyway :whistle:

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