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boat ramp at the port of brisbane


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me and 2 mates headed to the boat ramp off of port dr, near the port of brisbane for a fish for the first time. we got there at about 3.30 and high tide was around 7.00.

we were fishing to the right of the boat ramp on the sand infornt of the rocks out towards the beacon and my other mate was further to the right on the little beach there close to the bush. i didnt hook up myself but my mate got a 44cm flat head 30 mins after we got there on cooked prawns that we got from coles and my other my got prob around a 40 cm flatty on the cooked prawns and a around a 1m shovle nose shark on fresh prawns that we cast netted, heaps of prawns around at the moment. sorry no photos

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