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Noel Stanaway passes


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Might not be too many remember him but a damn good bloke in Noel Stanaway has died of a stroke. Unlike a lot of the media types these days he knew what he was talking about. He used to do the boating weather on the news and 4kq most often from his boat on the bay. Even on ordinary days you would often find him tucked in behind an island just kicking back enjoying the water. I'd usually just give him a wave as I slipped past but he was help full loaning me a funnel on the one occaision I left mine home :unsure: and more than happy to point you to where they were biting.

A loss to the world, RIP

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He was a true gentleman. The world is a poorer place without him.

His father Cliff was also a bit of a legend in boating circles.

Just dug up one of his books. Channel 7s guide to better boating.

Full of good advice here is an extract of his 10 golden rules for boating.

if in doubt dont.

The most important thing is to keep afloat,and if afloat.comfort is a minor concideration

I dont care if it is expensive as long as it is adequate

Believe the weather forecaster.He has a much better idea or what is around the corner

Make your own decision to turn back,and dont be worried about being tagged chicken. Its your boat ,and your responsibility and your future crew you can choose.

Prepare for the worst, if it doesnt happen feel relieved ,if it does your ready for it.

Maintain your engine ,for at sea oit is GOD, remember you cant walk home.

The only thing that you have to prove aflpat is that you are sensible.

No fish,however large,is worthe even the smallest risk.

Listen wisely to those who offer advice.then check their credentials , before taking notice of their advice.



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