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birthday tailor in july


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Hi gents.

One thing I really like is fresh tailor fillets. Bit o' garlic, bit o' ginger, bit o' chilli...

Before I wipe the saliva from my shirt : (and its a very handsome shirt) I was thinking of coming down to

Brisbane for my 26th birthday in July.

Birthday is the Monday, 25th.

But if any one would like to Chase a few tailor (or whiting) around that time.

Land based preferred, but I can rustle up a boat from mate if any one would like to helpe out.

Not much of a tailor crew up here in Rocky / yeppoon.

People do catch them up here, bit its not something to target.

Thanks gents, you're all very handsome


If I missed the point, any one wanna come / take me / go fishing for some tailor around the 22/23/24 July?

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