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Become a part of Queensland's DNA - QMuseum


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Hi Guys and Gals,

A lot of you will know that I work at the Queensland Museum, at the moment they have a campaign going where for a donation you can have your name linked (on-line) with with stories, specimens and artefacts cared for by the Queensland Museum.


I've done a search and yes Rayke you can have "Redclaw", Pussca the "Mouth Almighty" is available, MadMullet the "Bull Shark" is for you, Dassa the "Blue Catfish" might take your fancy, Ecat I didn't see a Puss Shark or Shark Puss but you may like the "Bullrout", obviously Benno573 will need to get the"Marjorie's Hardyhead" and obviously the boss will want the "Freshwater Crocodile" so get in now Gus and support the Museum.

If you do donate, maybe you should put AFO after you name to show support for this site as well.


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ok so what do we do??????????

Clich on this link

and take it from there as per kreels instructions.

Great idea to get some much needed funds into an area of research most of us either take for granted or are completely ignorant about.

Thru Baden we've had a few ID questions answered on AFO by the musueum (when elops was on holidays).

Who will be the Pike Eel I wonder ?

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