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Eel Powered Yak


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Hey everyone. It’s been a while since I have posted anything but have something sorta worth a post.

I have been fishing every weekend for the last 4 weekends and have not really caught anything good and also a few donuts. So I felt like just going for some good old Brisbane river catfish. I went down to the Goodna boat ramp with my yak (50kg limit.. I’m at least 15 over that) and a couple of light rods and a big combo and not bait just a castnet.

After 40mins of castneting I finally get a few mullet. I setted my big combo up with a live mullet for a threadfin which I paddled out into the channel. Then I throw a strip of mullet on both my other rods.

A few hours passed with no bites, the only thing biting was the birds stealing the mullet out of the bucket. Then I hear a zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and look over and see light rod almost knocked out of the rod holder. I picked up and slowed the beast down but it still was tearing line of. After 20 seconds I was in my mono backing. I had no other option then jump into the kayak and chase this fish down. As I was trying to bring it in it was towing me it took about 2 mins to get it under the yak. I tried pulling it up and it wouldn’t budge. I thought I was snagged but then I got hammered and it took me back down to my mono backing. I thought it was game over but I managed to gain some line. Most of the fight the rod tip was in the water.

Finally after 7 or so minutes I managed to surface the beast. When I saw it was an Eel, I was pissed; I was hoping it was a big threadfin but at the same time I was amazed with the size of the thing. It took me another 5 minutes to get it back into land with a lot of difficulty without trying to capsize.

It took another minute to get it still on the brag mat. I was going to keep it for some shark bait but I decided that I wouldn’t mine catching it another time so I released. The size was 112cm and was pretty heavy (didn’t have scales). Most of you guys on the site probably have caught bigger and better Eels but this fish is my first that I have had a fight of 10 mins and so I’m pretty happy with it. it was my first fish I sorta caught on a yak.

Thanks for reading





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Thanks Everyone.

@Rossaustalia46 A +2m pike eel would have been good fun but the teeth on them are huge

@Dan25 Yer the boatramp is open. Im not sure if its ment to be open cause its stil got the closed sign but i have seen alot of boat and jetskies down there.

Ok awesome, thanks mate

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