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Fishing the Brisbane CBD


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Hi folks, Im new to this website but it seems full of top tips so I thought I'd ask a question or two.

Has anyone fished the CBD - say around Petrie Point (Valley Side under Storey Bridge), along the riverside walkway, around New Farm Park. I just live up on Bowen Terrace so would like to stroll down and chuck a line in during the evening.

Does that sound too optimistic? Anyone had any luck in those areas? And where can we buy bait in the city? Dont really want to pay deli prices for prawns - is Mossops in W'gabba the closest?

Any answers appreciated.


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i have caught cod bream and bull sharks around the story bridge and threadfin salmon nearby. Deli prices are actually better than bait prices.

$5 per 200gram pack of mushy crap prawns from the bait freezer or $18 a kilo for good fresh ones, no brainer really

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