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Time to lure them in


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Howdy all avid fishermen/women!

I don't think I'm alone in the fact I don't post a lot on here, nor have much of a say on open topics, and the reason is simply that there are so many great stories and pics of fresh catches on here!

I fish every here and there and quite honestly, would take my rod out more often if I had a better run when I do go out, and then I'd have some awesome stories to share too! :woohoo:

Fishing with bait seldom proves worthwhile for me and even though I do get the odd catch here-and-there, the main thing I'll catch - and only thing recently - are freshwater eels from a lake near my home. Raw chicken fillet and SHA-BAM - they're all over it.

But it's time to get reel and learn a bit more about LURES so I can take the next step in my transition to excellence! It seems when they're used well lures better than any other bait.

I've fiddled around with soft plastics before but I'm definitely doing something wrong... SO, my helpfully experienced guys 'n' gals, how about a bit of assistance in the Artificial Bait Department? Clean-up on aisle me. :whistle:

I'm land based - cos I'm handicapped like that ;) , I fish both fresh and saltwater and I wouldn't have the foggiest in knowing which lure to use and when, with which line setup.

I've tried doing a little research but soft plastics, hard bodies, spinners, poppers, line setup for lures, day vs night, ability to see whether there ARE fish where I am casting, etc. are all just a jumble at the moment so it'd be greeeaaat to get some more info!

Have your say, one and all!

Also, I have next-to-no idea what fish are actually in the puddles I cast in.

I'm great aren't I.

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mate in salt water you can pickup flathead easy enuf with basically any 50-100m plastic, for the flatties i would probs go 5-12lb mainline with maby a 15lbs leader but thats the max.

there are many really good reports on here and often sifting throu them can provide valuble answers to many questions about lures. another great way to learn about lurefishing is to go online and watch any of the recent (Australian Fishing Championships) the pros usually explain wht they are using and how they are catching the fish, i learn so much about freshwater fishing on these dvds.

good luck mate

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I agree with Jack, start out on the flatties as they are easy enough to pick up on most plastics. Look for sand flats with bits of weedbed in it and a dropoff or channel, I've also picked up a few from rockwalls, structure and baitfish are the keys I think, also check your chosen area at low tide for lies, just start hopping your plastic around and you'll soon know if they're there. Search the threads, read magazines and watch dvd's, helpful hints and tips are everywhere, and if someone on here is heading out for a flick see if you can tag along. Good luck with it and make sure you put a report up when you get them.

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Using lures is easy, I reckon the hard part is being in the right spot as it's no good being where the fish aren't. Finding spots is half the fun and if you go through all the reports you'll get an idea of where people are fishing. When bait fishing the bait sits there wafting out a smell and the fish will come to it with lures you have to find the fish first and then present your offering to them and hope they take it. Like the other guys said Flathead are a good one to start off with as they'll eat anything that moves and you don't need to be to subtle with the presentation. The best thing you can do to increase your chances is to fish as light as possible and to always be in contact with the lure on the end of your line. Also for someone starting out i'd be using 6lb braid like Fireline some 8lb Flurocarbon leader 1/8th jig heads and some Berkley Powerbaits in the 3" Pearl Watermelon these things combined will catch almost anything from Whiting to Mangrove Jacks to Snapper.



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buddy i was the same up until about 3 months ago, i was luckily enough to show a enough interest that the steves from the tackle shop have helped me learn about what lures to use where and the water conditions to the type of lure to use for the type of fish i want to target.

steve runs a lures session here and there and would be an idea to keep an eye out for when they are getting run:

otherwise more than welcome to tag along with me in the later afternoons for a throw about.

i love lure fishing more than bait fishing now and still learning heaps.

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