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one nurse shark


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it was pretty dead out there yesterday.... expect the mosquitoes which were eating me alive out from head to toe. nicks shark down below.





by the way. last week i lost a monster which took 5 MINUTES of line off my reel before he got down in the reef. probably was a tiger shark. too bad it would of been my first.

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good shark mate.... what set up and bait were you running

thats not me but he was using a penn 850 with 40lb(18.1436 kg) braid with and a ande rod 2 piece.

bait was a half mullet he cut up.

would of been a great fight

well those sharks are pretty sluggish to tell you the truth. they fight worse then any other shark I'll

say but on his type of tackle... a pretty good fight just because its not conventional gear.

should of seen the last shark i hooked.... it peeled 5 MINUTES of drag off the reel before i got cut off

by the reef. that battle was crazy.

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