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Youngs Crossing 3/3/12


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Well I decided to give the fresh a go as I've been dying to get onto a bass. Didn't know what to expect after the recent rains but was pleasantly surprised to find this :


Got onto a decent Golden Perch going roughly 36cm



A few more casts saw me Land this Battle scared Bass


Had a few misses and a few follows from other bass but it was just a great morning out on the water.


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Looks like a pleasant morning on the water great sized yella too. I had big plans for a session in the yak today after the week of nice weather just gone by.

Woke up this morning to dark grey skies and rain again.

I'm starting to get a peev'd at the working week sucking up all the sunny weather and dumping on my fishing plans for the weekends. :angry::angry::angry:

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I managed to get in before the cloud even though I started fishing at a Gentlemens hour anyway.. Lot of rain at my place now apparently alots coming up from the coast.

Yeah no worries Ant def keen to hit some more bass.. addictive lil $#&$*%

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