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Looking to Re-power Any opinion?


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Hi all,

I'm looking to re-power my rig, wondering if you guys know if there are any specials out there for 4stroke (30/40Hp) outboards currently?

Dun mind any brand... But wanna know if you know if there are any specials currently.. :) i know recently (few weeks ago) that there was some specials on mercury and yamaha going on, but missed out on it because i wasn't ready to purchase... does anyone know roughly how often do manufacturers have specials each year? and at which season? not in super hurry to buy, can always wait... :)



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It is a bit more than what is on special.

You seriously need to look at warranty and service.

There is currently a thread on another forum about a poor bugger who had a major failure with a new 200 4 stroke.

Took 12 weeks for him to get his boat back and the main delay was due to the manufacturer they even lost an short motor in transit and not even a sorry.

It may have been just an isolated failure but the service and communication was appalling.



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Also read that thread mentioned above and dam sure would be steering away from them.

I had a Honda 50 on my Poly 4.5 centre console for a few years and it was faultless motor and VERY fuel efficient. Only regret I had was not maxing out the hull with a 60hp.

Next boat I will make dam sure the motor I put on it will be near or at the max rated HP. Don't skimp on the HP

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I have personally always owned Yamaha engines. They are a fantastic motor and have never (touchwood) let me down. my dad on the other hand owns a Honda; another awesome power plant.

Truthfully you're going to hear everyone usually promoting their own brand just like car brands. Some are slightly more expensive, some faster, some leaner on the petrol etc etc. Ray's point about warranty and service is very valid; make sure you get a brand with a good reputation and after sales service. Suzuki, Merc's, Yammy's, Honda, = they're all pretty great brands and provided you treat them with respect and service them when they're due, they should keep working. One of the biggest things i'm a stickler for personally is using my motor at least once every 7 days and flushing it out with freshwater....

Oh and don't skimp on the HP as webby said; you'll just regret it down the track... wait till you can afford that slightly bigger motor i say!!

To answer you question re. specials Brisbane Yamaha often have some pretty good deals. If they don't currently have something (they usually do however) just squeeze them for a much better price. Its a competitive market and I'm sure they'll try hard to get your business. Check the website..



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