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Baffle Adventure 19-2

Omega 3

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Headed to Baffle again early Friday 19th, just for the weekend, we had been told the creek was very fresh from recent rain, but stuff it was headed there anyway. We fished the mouth as the water wasn't to muddy up there.

No fun staying home all the time. Had some beers, caught some fish, 80 cm Queenie, 55cm Cod, plenty of Cod around, 48cm Fat Jack and plenty of Grunter. had plenty of laughs. Old mate took his new boat for its first adventure and I can say the 420 renegade is a great boat.

Plenty of Jennies but no keeper bucks, one day we will catch a keeper muddy at baffle.

Baffle Feb2016 001.JPG

Baffle Feb2016 011.JPG

Baffle Feb2016 016.JPG

Baffle Feb2016 007.JPG

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