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Maroon Dam 12/3


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This morning I got up at 330 and made the trek to maroon dam as its been way too windy in the bay(first attempt fishing the fresh and it's pretty nice to not come home covered in salt spray) I was in the water by 510am. Sunrise was awesome and I tried a range of different lures divers, poppers, blades and zman grubs but had no luck I dropped a couple of decent fish when setting the hook(probably trying too hard) Chucked on a gulp double tail minnow in watermelon (my favourite plastic) and hooked up third cast. Not much of a fish but at least I caught something. Was talking to a guy down there who had a lot better luck than me on spinner baits. Wind kicked up about 845 and I couldn't hold drift so I took off: image.thumb.jpeg.211f4d40dfda58225da52e9image.thumb.jpeg.aaffb3ff10a7864c2a273d2image.thumb.jpeg.c0ebccd7a7d6627b63d2c43

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