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Hello Of Sunny Coast


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Recently moved to Australia so all the fish and fish techniques are totally new to me. Kiwi originally and been living in the UK for 8 years. 


Would like to meet some locals to fish with! I'm free during the week and sometimes on weekends and currently just land based but looking at a kayak too.



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G'day mate. PLENTY of good fishing up your way.

The forum search function should be of use to you. Search Sunshine Coast, Caloundra, Noosa and a fair bit should come up.

The guys at Davos Tackle World have always been my go for info up that and you have Davos North Shore really close by.

The main fishing I have done in Coolum is off the rocks around the points chasing dart and bream on plastics. Pretty fun and reasonably successful. The upper Maroochy River (near Yandina etc) is a pretty cool place for kayak fishing.

Good luck and welcome to the site.


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Thanks guys i have had limited success but getting a kayak last week has helped. Picked up 3 flatties yesterday in the maroochy and my first one was a decent 57cm. 

Off the beach I've picked up plenty of dart and 1 northern flathead, I guess once it cools down hopefully some tailor.

I can't night fish at the moment (need to be home) and dont have a surf caster yet so it's pretty hard to cast too far with my estuary rod on light gear into the prevalent SE wind but I manage to get just behind the first line of breakers and dart start smashing my sugarpen straight away. 

Trying to decide what rod to get next, something a bit shorter than my 7ft estuary and heavier for jacks/trolling in the creeks or go full surf caster. 

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