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Brisbane River On Plastics


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Havnt been fishing much over the past 2 years, only recently got back into it so I dug up my old soft plastics to put to good use. Unfortunately the conditions of my soft plastics were very average, GULPs had dried up, others atomic/squidgies were melted with Zmans in my tackle box and a few had traded colours from being mixed up against each other; So in no particular order, here we go:

we fished for 4 hours today, wind was up and abit of a chop happening; theb bite was very average and it was hard to switch them on from a nibble to a bite. the flatty and snapper were caught on 3" paddle tails and the breams on 2.5 inch grubs. we basically used everything today, damiki, zman, atomic, squigy all smothered in procure shrimp scent. The stonker bream went 38cm and boy it overshadowed my snapper which measured up the same length




This was about 3 days ago, on a 3" paddle tail Zman, it went 77cm and was a very black jewfish than the usual bar or silver, very fat too. i was stupid enough to stick my hand in to try to get the lure back that was gut hooked, needless to say it chomped down and  tore my finger up real good, bled every where.


all this on 6lb vanish fluro carbon, felt lucky that it didnt bite me off



Got onto the jetski with my mate for a flick, this time i was on the idea that big plastic big fish, so i used a 5" damiki in skin blue all day. came up with the goods because this 60cm snapper leaped on and took me for a ride, best fight of my life to date for a snapper.



This was last week where my brother and I went for a Zman vs Damiki battle, honestly that day went **** for Zman and i was the one using them; (given all my lures were 3 years old and his damikis were in upopened packets so basically new) i eventually converted to damikis and we brought home a feed of flatties, the last flatty went 41cm but when they die they curl up so  she was tipping 40cm bent.



The mix bag, also last week we only got out for an hours fishing, but in no time we turned up a good feed; this time it was Zman that outfished damiki's; happy to say maybe it was because i applied procure shrimp scent like no tomorrow



Been really pleased with the fishing lately, and Ive lost alot of lures to toothy critters and good old snags; but happy to see that there is still fish around the river mouth seeing that everytime im out there, there is about 4-5 trawlers working the system

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