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Double Hookup From Hell


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I'll try to keep this as brief as possible :)

I took Friday off work and the plan was to catch snapper. I did not, but instead I got this.


On the way back from a quick trip around the bay I came across some tuna. I mean, lots of tuna. Mostly macs but there were longtail too. Got bored of mac tuna quickly after getting a couple so I just drove past the schools and focused in on getting that longtail....

One of the macs.


Found a school of longtail again and hooked up. It was a smaller one and as I was trying to net the fish I pushed out the hook. Oh well. Next cast I boated this one and put a tag in him.



Yesterday I went out with my mate Liam. Tuna were scarce compared to Friday but we did find a school of beasts. I mean, 20-30kg fish as an understatement. Potentially saw some bigger yellowfin around that 30kg+ mark mixed in with the longtail but could not quite tell. I'm only thinking that due to the sheer size of them. I mean the longtail record is 36kg so it is possible, who knows. They were not busting up just porpoising on the surface occasionally showing their backs and dorsal fins. I hooked up blind casting. It was one of the beasts and I lost line like I have never lost line before. After it's run I went to start the usual pump and wind game to try to get some line back. I could not even make it budge ...wow. Whilst fighting my fish I noticed a massive school of big fish on the sounder and urged Liam to drop down. He hooked up straight away. After an awesome 8 minute tussle on his stradic 3000 and Nordic Stage Favourite and me unfortunately losing my fish in that time, up came 1m of beautiful golden trevally. What an incredible fish and what a pig! We were so stoked, words can't describe the feeling when you catch a fish of a lifetime with one of your mates. It was just fantastic. We tried to locate the school of at least 50 fish again but couldn't unfortunately.



My next cast at the frolicking tuna resulted in another hookup for me. I realised straight away that this fish was at least half the weight of the one I had previously hooked. Still, it was 106cm and not a bad size but most definitely the tiniest fish of the school from what we saw and put up a great fight.


We headed home and saw more tuna but no luck this time and got back to the ramp just before dark. What. A. Day. Getting that double hookup from hell right on our doorstep is something that probably won't happen again any time soon.

Hope everyone had a good weekend.


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17 minutes ago, samsteele115 said:

To be honest, no I haven't had much success at all. Probably 8 snapper sessions for me now and haven't got one. But I know persistence will pay off :) 

Don't worry mate, it took me about 4 years to finally get my PB out of the 40's - pretty sure you won't take that long.

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