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Spooled......by A Boat

Luke Landrunner

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My first report will contain no photos of the variety of fish found throughout the Noosa River.

Nor will I discuss the toad fish I caught on my ultra light gear with my go to lure - the ZX 35.

Another beautiful sunrise peaked over the headland as I made my way to the point between Woods bay 1& 2.

Slowly I cast my way around with no surface action and warmed up in the patches of sunlight.

So with little action I made my way around to the sandbag end of "Doggy Beach" where I had caught 3 45cm Flatheads late last week (and released).

After casting around several times I threw one out a little further.

At this moment a tinnie came hurtling from around the sandbags, curled around the contour of the beach, ran over my line and continued on even with me yelling at the oblivious driver.

So I lost my lure and picked up what was left of my braid 100m down the beach.

If only I was using heavier gear.......


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I was paddling a shark bait out once in my kayak, so I had a brick attached to a whole mullet and a rather large circle hook. as ive stopped to drop the bait, I turned around and saw a boat going in between myself and the beach. I was yelling at the boatie to slow down but he didn't take notice of me. as he went over my line, the line started to peel of my reel back on the beach. my brother saw all of this and locked the drag. before I could get the bait and brick off the kayak, the boat took the line which yanked the brick and hook off my kayak, cracking me in the back. im just lucky the hook didn't clip me as it was ripped off.

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