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Kimberly Trip Part 2


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We headed up a river system till we came across a rock bar. The scenery was spectacular as we wound through the gorges.



And as the tide dropped we found a good place to rest the boat.




Time to jump out and head up the fresh water to try our luck.



The scenery was breath taking.


We caught a few small barramundi and mangrove jacks that were all released. It was exciting to see them dart out from their hidey holes and smash the soft plastic or hard bodies we were using.



The Barra photo above was caught from the rocks just under the back pack in this photo.


I took a water bottle with me that has a filter called a life straw so we could drink from creeks without getting sick. I surveyed the area before heading down to the water and it all looked clear. I quickly filled the bottle and placed it with my back pack further up the bank. Picking up my rod and returning to the edge to start fishing I see a little 1.5 meter croc crawling along the bottom stalking me. Small or not I moved back and as I bent down to get the camera from the pack the croc moved up behind some reeds right on the water’s edge waiting in ambush for my return. As soon as it sensed I had seen it, it turned and snaked its way back to the deeps where I couldn’t see it. There is a reason they out survived the dinosaurs. Thanks spotters!

You may have seen how fast the tide can come in on TV documentaries, but being there and witnessing it first hand is amazing. From the time we saw it rising we thought in one hour the boat would be floating, we were wrong, in 15 minutes we were afloat. This is where people can get caught out not allowing enough time to be back at the boat. In these remote areas there can be a big time difference compared to the closest tide station, so err on the side of caution always. If you misjudge the incoming tide by 15-30 minutes, you would be swimming back to the boat.


part 3 comimg





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17 minutes ago, curranboy99 said:

Great yet again. 

The scenery looks fantastic, just so extreme that part of the world :-) 

Bet it was alot hotter than Brisbane though 

yes around the 32-38 degrees most days.

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