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Quantum Smoke 30


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Hey guys and gals, I have a spooling issue with my new Quantum Smoke 30 that I just bought. I recently spool it up with 15lb braid and it's bulking up in the middle of the spool leaving little divots at the top and bottom of the spool. I have seen this before but normally only at the top or bottom of a spool, which is easily fixed with adding or removing a spool shim. I'm just not 100% sure on how to fix the issue I have with it at the top and the bottom.

My first thought was to adjust the shims to see if tending it towards the top or bottom would corrected it at all. I need to see if it came with any spool shims, I can't remember.

My second thought was to strip all the line off and spool it back on like a spooling machine would do it. That way I can lay it nice and evenly and see if that cuts down the effects. 

I am a little worried that I won't be able to fix it as in my mind the oscillation stroke is too short for the spool, which can't be changed.

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