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Tasty Milkfish


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1 hour ago, samsteele115 said:

We have a Tilapia problem in Australia and its against the law to eat them, yet we import them to eat... wtf? What a strange world we live in.

Yeah, it's strange isn't it? The place at Chermside has these two species now all the time, plus snapper from NZ. I worked in seafood for years and when the Aussie dollar is low, this is the quality of seafood you'll get. Most of our quality domestic seafood is exported because there is more of a demand and better price for it in Asia. Aussie simply won't pay the same price.

I think this stuff is imported purely for new immigrants who are familiar with these species and prices from back home. They probably know exactly what to do with it.

1 hour ago, Angus said:

That is a first me...

Interesting the other species on sale as well. 

Ensure you get the 'Tasty' ones. If they don't say 'Tasty', they could well be inferior.

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