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With the weather a treat up north and the young fulla staying at his parent in laws i had the chance to sneek away to tinaroo for a sneaky night session. Gotta say Tinaroo has to be one of my favorite places to fish. Not only the chance to catch a cracker barra its just a beautiful relaxing place to fish. Especially at night on a fullmoon. 

I rocked up a few hours before dark to scope out the dam as its been a while and the dam has changed alot since i last fished it due to low water levels.  I picked my spot and quietly waited for the ski boats to finish there day on the water. Some people may think ski boats are a burden but you can use them to your advantage.  I like to watch the skiboats and see where they are pushing water up against the banks. To me this causes the warm water to be forced into the shallows and also you will get a colour change and with both those combined you will find bait and in turn find barra!

After studying the boats and a quick kayak around i found my spot. I pulled the kayak up just on dark and its time to cast. When landbased impoundment barra fishing i like to run 2 - 3 outfits. Big HB, Plastics, and something random. Rotate on a 10 cast rotation. Youll find the strike will often be on the first cast of the rotation. ( just in my experiance )

Night had set and a HB was first up. 5th cast and 2 meters from the rod tip the lure got engulfed. Big leap and head shake the lure was disposed of and the meter plus had got the better of me. But a promising start. 20 mins later this time first cast on the rotation and a big aggressive strike only to miss the hooks. That was on a plastic. Action but no reward. Another hour went on and a lure change. An ecogear BM 125 ( dont thik they make them anymore. Pity ). I also downsized to my lighter outfit running 10lb with 30lb fc leader. Well first cast and crack at my feet my. This time the hooks stuck and the line started to peel. A very acrobatic barra as well. After a pretty epic battle on 10lb gear this fish tired and was landed. It went 105cm. The fish released beautifully after a few quick snaps. I pushed on casting away into the night and missed a few solid strikes with no more hooks setting. Pulled the pin about 11pm.  Was a nice night with plenty of action but would have been good to land a few more. Barra are the masters of throwing hooks. 

Cheers guys. Hope i didn't ramble on too much.






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