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Hey guys,

I've got some time off and want to a lot of reading on my favourite hobby and need some extra sources from all you diehards. Are there any fishing books/sites/blogs/magazines/anything that you're reading regularly or found extremely informative? List em down so I can get my fix!


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Yeah, I just go to the paper shop and buy anything with a fishy look to

it, I pick up a lot  of info from those stories.

A lot is common knowledge but there is always an article or

2 thats new, I find that even if it's not the fishing you do

it's always good knowledge to have in your head.

I scroll thru a lot of youtube video's to see how other's do it.

Good hunting.


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I'd be interested to see what's around too. Being a complete new comer to fishing I don't have any of the general knowledge. So far all I've bought is the Australian Fish Guide so I can identify a fish if I ever catch one and I'm still going back through old topics on here to try pick up some tips. Any other must reads for a newbie?

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Just go to your local paper shop, buy mag's like Modern Fishing/Boat and beach/ those sort of mags.

there is half dozen different publications, all good reading.

Give you plenty of info on baits/rigs/line class the list is endless.

Once you do the reading/do the fishing and try different things.

You can always come on here and get tips/info on things if you don't get results.

You need patience and perserverence, even for seasoned fishermen it doesn't work every time

they go out.

  Good luck:fishing:


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