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Hinze Fail 17/4/17


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 Mark and myself Spent 6hours trying everywhere in the quest for a fish without even a barred grunter to steal a bait. Only shows on the sounder were trees:)

The eagle must have been very frustrated as it followed us all morning .58f44507ec16b_DSCN0978(640x480).jpg.a1060f601d16f0b0d03744a4a35a3cab.jpg

If you like chocolate for easter the water looked good enough to eat.


You can see the high tide mark on the bank.



I was planning on returning on Wednesday but think I will give it a week for the water to clear so back to NPD on Wednesday.

 Had a bit of a score . I saw a bit of green poking up off a submerged log and rescues a fair sized speciousum. When i pulled it into the boat there must have been 40 odd barred grunter about 1/2 inch long in it..By the look of it it has been floating for quite a while but after giving it a good hose down I think that around 8 bulbs will survive..

The only debris we found was right up in the back of bass bay where there was a lot of very large logs hung up some of them were a couple of feet in diameter and 30 to 40 ft long. Looks like the delat in opening up the dam was due to the rangers removing the floaters from the main body of the dam.






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