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Hello all,

Hope to make some friends and catch some fish!

Haven't been to shorncliffe in 4 years and was planning on taking some mates there this Sunday (23rd),
Does anyone have any solid tips? :) 

Oh, and also with the airport spill, would shorncliffe still be OK?

Thanks all!

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Welcome to the site.

Sorry I don't fish that area at all so can't offer any useful information. Will you fishing from the jetty or a boat? 

The best way to make friends and learn from the site is to be active in helping where you can and reporting when you get out. 

The search function is very useful and there is a massive amount of information archived and your next question could easily have been asked before.  Click on the magnifine glass symbol top of the page . 

Hope to see your report with photos of your success soon.:)



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@Daryl McPhee I have seen this! Awesome vids you have.

I went to the seaway jetty on Saturday instead, and caught lots of BIG snags. hahaha
Also went to shorncliffe last night, took my little brothers out and they caught their first bream and whiting. All under size though but they were very hyped. Good to be back at shorncliffe fishing, hope to be there more often too! :)

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