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Good Start Bad End


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I was enjoying myself out at NPD even though the wind was a bit strong. I purchased a new baitcaster rod an ugly stick 4 to 6kg, ( I previously got a taipan 6 to 10kg, thurs before easter, but found the but to long, so gave it to my son with the big boat so he can use it for jigging outside) Any I landed a nice big yella on the new rod and then  10mins later it went over the side with a new baitcast reel as  well all up $250 worth. Handle was a bit thick on it for the quick release rod holder, as I put it in place I thought I hope that is safe and while winding in a bass on other side of boat, I hear a noise, look around and no rod. So today I am going to get the right rod.

Picked up plenty of bass on the troll and the one yella a nice 61cm and got heaps on bait, they are hungry out there at the moment (they will take the rod and reel as well). Lantana flowering time again, pic doesnt do it justice.










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Nice yellow belly, but very expensive! 

I have now made a mental note not to purchase quick release rod holders for my canoe. They were on my shopping list. 

Dinodog, if you have a spare spot on one of your next NPD trips, especially over the next week, I would jump at the chance. I am not working for a week or two and would gladly chip in $$ where required. 

Do you regularly catch tilapia as well? I have fished land based spots around the dam and last week my son caught 2 on lure. Best going 42cm. I see them all over the north side of Brisbane now unfortunately. I also catch a few spangled perch which I don't think I have seen in your recent reports. 


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