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Anyone Fish The Bay Today?


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Anyone else fish the bay today - if so how'd you go?

I got up early (4am), launched at Wello Pt at about 5:15am and headed over to Green Island. Got right up close to the mangroves on the eastern side and drifted along flicking a prawn SP and later a surface walker. Very, very peaceful but unfortunately too peaceful with only one missed hit (not sure if I'm cr@p at using SP's or if it was just quiet ......).

Come about 7am I decided it was time to move out into about 6ft of water and drift whilst flicking a squid jig. After a while I got one on and to the boat, was about to net it but a patch of weed floated right next to it and stooooooopid me decided to back off a moment to try to avoid netting the weed (because that would have been the end of the world ..... :whistle:) and in doing so allowed the squid to free itself, grrrrrr!!!!!!!  Hooked another one later but dropped it halfway back to the boat - not my morning!!

Finished the session by anchoring up and drifting half pilchard baits down the drop off with the outgoing tide. Plenty of just under bream and moses plus one squire, with just the one 28cm bream kept (caught early on - thought I might have been able to add some friends into the esky to keep him company ......).

Had berley in a bag which I shook quite reguarly and had a decent school of what appeared to be either pike or garfish hanging around the back of the boat. Was already running late to get home so rather than mucking around trying to catch one on a line I threw the cast net a couple of times and caught two decent gar on the first throw (they were smart enough to go deeper after that .....). Not sure if I'll eat them or turn them into bait for the next trip - could handle catching a heap of them next time ....

No signs of tailor unfortunately - was really hoping to tangle with some in the shallows, perhaps next time. Good news is I've sealed the pinholes in my tinny properly (used Selleys All Clear) so one less thing to worry about :) 

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