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A Day At The Islands


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As I was heading north to go chasing jungle perch the weather was too good and I ended up making a detour out to fish some islands while the weather was good. After a 6am start and a slow morning boating nothing but undersized red emporer things started to pick up around 11 when I boated my first legal grassy. I ended up coming away with 6 legal grassy biggest going 50cm a 45cm trout and a couple of tuskies. Caught a few trout under and grassies I threw back and a slew of cod. Everything I caught using the mother in law for bait on handline as it was the first fish over the side on what little bait I had left. The wind and swell kicked right up and I had to make my way home at around 2. Not bad for a days work





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Hahhahh yeah.. some how I don't think this stuff is gonna wash off either ;)


yeah was a good day, all the fish were in 11-15m of water too we tried deeper and there wasn't much about. I think for bigger we'd need to head a fair bit wider than the weather allowed for today. There's always next time I guess. 

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