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NPD 27/8/17


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Not many fish but the company made up for it.

Phoebe has turned out to be a bit of a photo tart and kept us all on out toes. She kept on saying that we needed to catch a forky so that she could feed percy the pelecan who as normal shadowed us all morning and ended up still hungry as we did not catch any forkys.

She was also chuffed to land a tagged bass.

It goes without saying that the blue rod was once again the fish magnet.

We ended up with only 28 bass



001 (640x360).jpg

002 (640x360).jpg

003 (640x360).jpg

005 (640x360).jpg

007 (360x640).jpg

009 (640x360).jpg

010 (640x360).jpg

004 (640x360).jpg

008 (360x640).jpg

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