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You Never Know NPD 3/9/17


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After a couple of less than average trips we went back to NPD yesterday and could not decide if we would look upstream or downstream to see if we could find some bass.
None of my 3 deckies would make a decision so the captains decision was downstream .
We picked up 20 odd bass at the dropoff opposite the end of Koala Straight hen I decided to go to the far marker for a look.
We were not able to pass Andrews drop off on the way without having a look but not a thing on the sounder.
Things were looking a bit dismal at the far marker until we found them in around 40 feet of water.

Mark outfished us all because he was using a hookless tassie devil 7 g disco dancer jig head instead of a sinker on his paternoster rig. Yet when he used the discodancer as a jig head he did not get a strike.
We had to tear ourselves away when the counter reached 100 bass.

Going to give the Hinze western arm a crack on wednesday.


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