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Afn Fishing Show On Npd.


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Every year the PRFMA conducts a survey day where we fish an area of the dam that we normally not allowed to fish.

The Lake Sampsonvale Water Sports Assn kindly allow us to launch from their ramp.

We restrict the number of boats to 30 and you have to have a boating access permit to participate and you must adhere to the LSWSA rules as well as the PRFMA boating permit rules.

The main difference being that it is mandatory that a PFD is worn at all times plus footwear and parking must be parallel to the water.

As you can imagine these spots go very quickly as you have the opportunity to fish virgin waters where the fish have been untouched for a year.

On the last survey day that the PRFMA had at NPD we had Nigel Webster doing a video that went to air last sunday on 7 mate.

Hers is a link


which will take you to the website then click on shows then categories then sport then the fishing show.

It is quite an informative 15 minute session with segments on the history of the dam and the PRFMA , the ecology of the dam, why the PRFMA does these annual surveys, and segments where Nigel Webster and Dean Silvester both give some helpful hints on catching bass on lures.

Boating access permits to NPD are still available here.


plus a lot of other info on the website.

If you would like a day bait fishing on NPD I normally go on Wednesdays and Sundays and quite often have a spare seat.

Just drop me a PM.



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