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Coomera River


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On 1/12/2018 at 2:21 PM, con4209 said:

what about bait like either hard body lure or a soft or even live bait and which works best for which area 

So think about what fish you would like to catch or where they would be living. 

Things like Jack, Cod and bream love structure like rock and snags. These will like flesh baits or much better live baits. Also try had boddied lures or soft plastic. Think about what the structure is and how deep it is. These types of fish will live in the structure. You need to be putting your lures and baits in the structures. Snags happen, its quick and easy to tie an new rig. 

Whiting and Flathead like flat yabby banks. fish the last 2 hours of the run out and float yabbies where the water is draining off large yabby banks. You can try hard bodies or soft plastics in these places too. Just mix it up until you find what is working. 

If you are a just after some fun, find any peer or jetty. Burly with bread. The most important thing here is a little often. Use a small hook like #8 and a small piece of balled up white bread. The smaller the better. foat this down the burly trail and you will catch bream, butter bream (surprisingly delicious when bbq'd whole) and garfish. 

The thing is it can be hard to catch a fish. Many really good anglers come away with nothing while on a good day inexperienced anglers can clean up. 

There are plenty of stories of little kids catching huge Baramundi on cheap kmart rods using a worm... The thing they did most right was have a bait in the water. You cant catch a fish if your rod is in the garage. 



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