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NPD 31/1/18


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We had a reasonable day today.

First off a feed of redclaw.

Not as many as last trip but we were using dog pellets for bait and they are only good for an overnight soak and the redclaw escape when there is no tucker to keep them in the pots.

Found a good school of forkies with one solitary bass in the first spot we tried so we moved on and found more bass with the occasional forky so we went exploring and successfully proved that there were no bass in a lot of spots before we returned to the second spot and got some more bass.

Jason was in the gun spot in the bow and caught 30 odd bass compared to 14 between rick and myself with Rick cheating at one stage by moving up to the bow and dropping his bait over Jasons right shoulder.

No problem for redclaw bait for next trip with half a bucket of forkys.




npd31.1.18 001.JPG

npd31.1.18 002 (640x480).jpg

npd31.1.18 012 (640x480).jpg

npd31.1.18 005 (640x480).jpg

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