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Wa Salmon Run: Anglers Could Have Bumper Easter As Schools Wind Their Way Around The Coast


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how good is this!

Anyone chasing salmon in the South West over the Easter should have plenty to choose from and the seasonal run could yet bring schools of fish to the metropolitan area over the long weekend.

Western Angler editor  and Sunday Times fishing expert Scott Coghlan captured drone footage of one of four schools of salmon he saw at Cheynes Beach near Albany on the weekend.

He said there had been reports of schools as far north as Dunsborough.

“The school I got on the drone was probably about 30m long and there would be more than 20 tonnes of fish in it,” he said.

“I’ve got another mate who told me there were schools at Hamelin Bay, at least until all the whales beached themselves last week. And that they were just around the corner from Hamelin at Foul Bay over the weekend.

“I’ve also heard about some good numbers at Dunsborough. Will they get to Perth in time for Easter? I’m not sure but once they are at Dunsborough and the Capes, it can’t be far off.

“If you’re going down south over the long weekend and having a fish you’re going to do all right.”

Millions of salmon make the seasonal trek from the Great Australian Bight to metropolitan waters.

Coghlan said the fish weren’t necessarily the best eating but were good sporting catches and often released back into the water by anglers.

“They’re not terrible but wouldn’t really be my first pick - that said, like pretty much any fish, if you look after it and get it on ice right after you catch it, you can get some pretty decent eating,” he said.


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