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Troy nabs and I, fished nabs dam today from about 6-3. First we started of using soft plastic grubs, we all got a few bass. Laster on in the day we all swiched to sx40's after troys success with them on the bass. We fished out of nabs row boat ( great way to fish the dam). all day we were throwing the lures as close as possibe into the lillies, thats were all the bass were.

end total.

Troy 18 bass

Ando 10 bass

Nabs 9 bass

ps pics will be up soon.

cheers ando

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Yep it was a great day fishing. Catching so many bass on a variety of lures including my new jackall B) We did loose a few sx-40s but no way near $80 worth Troy! maybe $50.

was good to get Mat onto his first bass aswell which is the only pic we got as the bass are all the same size.

Heres Mats first Bass ever

Cheers [img size=500]http://www.australianfishing.com.au/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/images/Andos1st.jpg

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