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npd 15/10/23


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My plans for the week consisted of going to Boaties market today and Fishing NPD on thursday. All thrown in disarray when late friday I was informed that we are going to Esk for the week on Monday. I decided that I would rather miss out on the boaties market today and go fishing instead. Quick phone call and I was able to rustle up a couple of deckies and arranged to meet Roul and Hai at the gate. I think I may have been better off going to the boaties market. Thick fog when we launched and used the gps to navigate halfway out of the bay when the fog lifted enough so that I could see the bank. Could only find 12 small bass to 36cm, 2 spanglies plus Hai provided some entertainment when he nearly wet himself when he hooked into a good yella. Good run continued when I got home and unable to log into suntag to record my miserable catch.

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