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moving to broome. what boat to buy?


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So I’m moving to Broome next year and have been endlessly looking for boats second hand and also new. I’ve been looking between 10k-30k aluminium and fibreglass open boats. 

Now Broome doesn’t have much swell so won’t need a boat too big and one that needs to handle large open seas. It’s usually the wind and storm which stir up the ocean and strong currents / tides. 

I’m looking at like a Center console / tiller steer boats. I’d want a super reliable outboard on it as I’ll be going to some remote places. Will want to be fishing the flats and also going outside chasing some mackies/gts

anyway my question to you is. If you were in my situation what would you do? Now I know that it comes down to money and personal fishing configurations, though really just torn between spending the doe or just get something cheap and put a new motor on the back. 

I also want to be able to fit 4 people as I’ll have mates coming over for a fishing trip. 

buy an older tinny with all the gear and put a new outboard on it? Or just bite the bullet and get a new one. 

any boat models you recommend? 



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I would see what everyone else is using and base my decision off what I see being used.  ie are a lot in 4.5m boats or are most in 5m plus.

Something like my Formosa would be nice over there as you can do most things in it.  Plus a plate alloy boat is less likely to have the fatigue of a pressed alloy boat or any potential softness like an older glass boat.


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