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flagship 485 destroyer

Billy Balloonhead

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Hey guys, anyone have one or been in one. From what I can see, & VERY limited inforation online, great baots, well built etc, but geez I'd like to see more info on them to support my confidenc ein what I am close to buying.

Keen to hear anyones feedback, good or bad.



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Interesting that Flagship will not state who builds the boats.....so many similarities to so many other boats.

Being only sold by one boat yard is also of concern....

They could be a good boat is the design and build are good....or you could be buying someones get rich quick retirement scheme... be fully satisfied before parting with your coin.

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Link on the website has some more information. Ozzy made.

Specs look pretty good too as a plate boat. I'd go for a water test to see how it rides and whether it's comfortable or wet boat.

Flagship | Townsville Marine

As with all Flagship Plate Boats, they are built in Australia and features:

  • 3 or 4mm bottom sheets depending on the model
  • 3 mm side sheets
  • Fastback available on most models
  • Fully welded side decks
  • Bow mount plate on most models
  • Higher sides
  • Wider boat
  • Reverse chines on most models
  • Extra wide side decks
  • Heavy duty carpeted floors
  • Transducer bracket
The Flagship Range currently includes:
  • 450 Destroyer
  • 470 Destroyer
  • 490 Destroyer (Centre and Side Console models available)
  • 520 Destroyer (Centre and Side Console models available)
  • 530 Cruiser Cabin boats
  • 540 Freedom Cruiser Bowrider
  • 620 Patrol Centre Cab
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On 13/01/2024 at 7:07 AM, Billy Balloonhead said:

Well I bought it & couldnt be happier with it. 2 x outing so far with it blowing its arse off & it handles everything far better than I could have hoped.

I water tested a few of the better known brands & this is at tleast their equal.


Now, may the weather improve somewhat.

Great news! Now for the weather gods to play the game. What did you get fitted out with the boat? Electronics? Trolling motor? Live bait tanks? Cast decks? etc

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